New Segment: Deadbeat Chronicles

If you’re one of the roughly 700 people who find your way to WBTK each month, first, thank you! Second, you’ll notice that it’s been dead. It’s been stale. It’s been weak. Frankly, I’ve been a deadbeat. It’s time to atone. A touch over a year ago, I posted a review of a truck on […]

Guidance: Low Carb Chicken Tetrazzini Recipe

Long ago, in a galaxy far away, I graduated from high school as a gaunt 155 lb. teenager. Fast forward a decade or so, and Christmas 2017 had me tipping the scales at a portly 207 pounds thanks to a steady diet of fried chicken, dark beer, cheeseburgers, and lifting a bit. ***note to self […]

Silencer Review: Dead Air Sandman K

note: The silencer and range time for this review was provided by Capitol Armory, located in Cedar Park, TX.  Of great joy to me is using a product and seeing the design ethos behind it. Getting to know the designer of a silencer, then shooting the silencer he designed, and seeing the physical embodiment of […]

VideoLog: August 22, 2017

On this evening’s VideoLog, I painfully dispose of unnecessary brass, use various expletives, and talk about how to get started in reloading. Come for the reloading talk, stay for death of a beetle and a discussion about understanding that nobody cares about your problems quite like you.

Gun Review: Accurate Ordnance .223 Trainer

Having spent a great deal of time behind the trigger of an Accurate Ordnance built rifle, I’ve come to expect great, and I mean truly great, things. My AO built rifle is thoroughly, completely, and wholly accurate and consistent in ways that still shock me.

Guidance: Getting back to Fit

Above, you’ll see your humble author in one of the last races of my collegiate career. I’m fairly confident that this was the 400 meter hurdles, but it was nearly a decade ago and certain details have started to soften around the edges. Several months later, I tore my ACL which closed the book on […]