Opening Morning Bucks Make for Thanksgiving Consommé

Not satisfied to just make more jerky and ground venison year after year, I decided last year to do a little more with my deer. This included new cooking methods, dishes, and a further expansion of my definition of ‘edible’. For years, like thousands of other hunters, I threw away my deer bones. Rather, my processor […]

Walnut Stocks, Classic Cars, and Deer Hide Gloves

As a fan of the fiberglass fantastics that McMillan stocks puts out, I’m no stranger to the allure of today’s space age wunder guns. Hell, my first rifle was a walnut stocked 10/22 that I promptly hacked, chopped, and rebarreled into a fearsome Rifleman patch-earning Appleseed killer. There isn’t a bit of organic material left […]

Hunting on Opening Morning

Up until this year, I’d never considered my gig writing for TTAG a luxury. That is until I tried to remember the last time I’d actually killed a deer. Luckily for me, everything I’ve ever written is archived here and after a short spell, I’d found the pictures and dates to help me recall that […]

Pecos Run ‘N Gun 2016: Silt Kills All

I just returned from my third outing to Pecos, Texas for the annual Pecos Run n Gun. While newer, shinier, longer, and “harder” biathlons have come online in the last few years, I consider the Pecos event the original and therefore the best. In years past, the weather has dictated that the majority of my […]

Hunting the Sunny Pearl Harbor Day Rut

His third year in the blind with me, his AR sporting a new AAC 762-SDN6 on the muzzle, my (now former) coworker and friend, Dave (not his real name) slowly spun himself around on the bright orange bucket. On the side, upside down, was a cartoonish handyman named Homer extolling the virtues of a Home […]

Hunting: Sometimes, You Can’t Fight Bad Luck

As some of you might remember, Nick gifted me the unluckiest hunting trip of my life last year. The photo above is of a much larger Leghorn attempting to wedge himself through the too-small back window of a Toyota Tacoma while Kevin Brittingham gazes on in a mixture of frustration, boredom, and glee. In the year […]