Gear Review: Gemtech Suppressed Bolt Carrier

The unfortunate reality that faces many silencer owners is that their AR-15 pistols and rifles are not designed or built to complement a silencer screwed to the muzzle. The reason for this is simple. The AR-15 is a gas operated rifle that relies on a portion of the expanding gases produced during the firing of […]

Guidance: HomeBrew Case Lube

As it goes in life, sometimes, things need a bit of lube. Resizing brass is certainly no exception to the rule, and anyone who’s been reloading for any period of time has a sizing die somewhere on the bench with a case nearly welded to the inside and a bin full of shoulder dented cases.

News: MPA Incorporates WTO SwitchLug into BA Rifles

Hot off the presses this morning is news that MasterPiece Arms is introducing a new rifle called the MPA 65BA-SL. The new 65BA-SL seems to be built the same as the standard 65BA, a rifle that my friend Jon fawned all over last year. He consistently got sub 3/8 MOA groups out of that rifle, […]

Gun Review: Roughneck Firearms Roughneck 10

Few things in life rival time spent behind a very expensive rifle. Oh sure, time with loved ones, walks on beaches, and well marbled ribeyes can certainly vie for top billing, but there’s a special place for crisp two stage triggers and bolts that slide like two pieces of oiled glass. Like all good degenerate […]

Gear Review: EZ Trimit

If you’re considering a foray into reloading, know that there are those among us who would seek to keep you from knowing the truth. That truth: reloading — and I mean really doing it — can turn into a massive time suck. And the majority of your time is spent on brass preparation. Everyone is happy […]

Gear Review: US Optics LR-17

The world of optics is a big one. You can’t throw a stone in an online store without hitting at least forty different types of scopes for your favorite blaster. They range from the cheap and crummy to unholy expensive bespoke models. But as you move up the stack towards stout, bombproof scopes with crystal clear optics […]

Class Review: ATX Precision Precision Rifle 1

Seemingly overnight, I lost my enthusiasm for most of the new rifles and pistols coming my way for review. Oh sure, an odd straight pull rifle, or a specific handgun might pique my interest, but broadly speaking, I don’t yearn for much these days. A major contributing factor in that was what I saw as […]