Aporkalypse Now Trailer

Say what you will about the Nuge, I think we can all agree that the guy brings new meaning to the world overkill. TTAG has covered helicopter hunting before and we’ve definitely got it on our bucket list. Check out the trailer to watch some clips of The Motor City Madman raining death from the sky with a some NFA items.


  1. Ben Eli

    An entire show dedicated to airborne pig killing? Sounds like the first hunting show worth watching.

  2. MikeM

    I hope they save some pigs for the rest of us!

  3. Joe Grine

    On my bucket list!

  4. Todd S

    While I’m not a hunter, I might actually do this.

  5. Lt Dave

    I gotta do this. Looks like a ton of fun.

  6. John Fritz

    I am speechless. My brain can’t comprehend how much fun that would be.

  7. surlycmd

    HELL YEAH!!!!

  8. jwm

    pigs are a destructive, non native species. very little should be off limits in dealing with them. i only hope that the meat isn’t wasted. i know that sounds hypocritical from a vegetarian, but i hate to see waste.

    1. I’ve read that many times folks will collect the dead piggies and donate them to food banks.

    2. Pascal

      If you search, many are eaten or given away to food banks or donated to country fairs and churches were it is sold and the money going to some charity.

  9. Right!

    Is 4ooo miles too far to drive to do this?
    Hell No!

  10. Where do I sign up? The only thing missing is a Minigun.

    1. JoshinGA

      That would be especially helpful for herds of 30-40. We dont have it as bad here in GA as other states do (Florida and Texas come to mind), but they are still a huge problem across the south.

  11. Rich

    How can you shoot sows and piglets?

    Easy, you just don’t lead them as much…

    1. Chris Dumm

      +100 for the movie reference!

    2. Rambeast

      “Ain’t war hell?”

  12. LeftShooter

    I’ll watch Ted “Nogent” do this when pigs fly.

    1. Human Being

      What do you think happens after they hook the lift cable to their carcasses?

      1. jwm

        they turn cartwheels when the round hits. does that count as flying?

  13. GS650G

    This right here would be the ideal state job. Eradicating pigs. Imagine doing this 3-4 days a week and sometimes 5.

  14. I’ve never hunted these things… But my brother keeps telling me that he knows a group of guys who go down there every year and hunt these things at night with knives and pitbulls! Does anyone know if that’s true?

    1. Human Being

      Never heard of that, but using a spear (with cross spar) and some dogs is a traditional method of porcine hunting in South America and used to be done in some areas of Europe.

      Of course, Real Men hunt Jaguars that way: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sasha_Siemel

      1. Mark N.

        There was a program on TV where an extermination company in Texas hunted with armor wearing dogs and knives. The dogs would hold the pig, and the hunter/exterminator would cut the hog’s throat. Trying to remember what it was called..”HogWars”? It featured hunters in texas, florida and hawaii.

        1. That sounds exactly like what he explained. The dogs held the pig, and these guys come in with the knife and kill the pig instantly.

    2. Chucky

      The guy in the trailer that isn’t Nugent has a show called “Pigman”. One of the episodes was dedicated to them doing just that. It was crazy to watch especially when you see the video from the GoPro cameras they had mounted on the dog’s harness!

  15. Mark N.

    Didn’t look to me as if they were getting a whole lot in the way of ethical, one shot, one kill shooting going on there, and that kind of disturbed me. Woldn’t it be better to use the helicopters like beaters to flush the hogs and send them towards a group of waiting hunters on the ground?

    1. jwm

      as for the ethics issue, i view this as exterminating vermin. sort of like the orkin man, only with way cooler gear.

    2. Jake

      What kind of mouse traps do you use?

  16. OHgunner

    Its times like this that I wish that Ted really was my Uncle! I’ll be tuning in for sure

  17. hoppes#9

    This may be pest control, but it isn’t hunting.

    1. Rambeast

      This is to hunting as infantry is to sniping. Different means to the same end, one just involves a little more finesse.

  18. Snachnim

    Wow looks fun, but I think that the stalk, flush and shoot is a more involved process. Ethical issues aside it still looks fun!

  19. R1fleman

    Even with pests, I still prefer a perfect, clean shot. These guys are all over the place.

  20. Levi B

    I’m surprised they don’t have to use brass catchers to make sure brass doesn’t get into the delicate bits of the helicopter.

    But that looks like a hell of a lot of fun!

    1. Levi B

      Something really needs to be done about the comment system. Click Post Comment, sit there and watch a whirlygig for 30 seconds, then it comes up Service Unavailable. Hit refresh and post data again, and it says the comment was already posted.
      Either the service was unavailable or the comment was posted. What’s happening on the back end is not being reflected accurately on the front end.

    2. jwm

      it looked like there was some sort of net between the shooting stations and the pilots area. all of the important stuff in a chopper is above and behind you except for the pilots controls.

  21. Rich

    Them look like Commie Pigs. Them are the red ones.

  22. tomrkba

    Why not just use a shotgun? I saw a video awhile back and they just used a semi-automatic shotgun with buckshot. Those hogs dropped immediately.

    I guess the full auto rifle is more fun.

    1. jwm

      how about dual aa12’s on swiveling door mounts. now that would be off the hook. there’s no such thing as too much firepower.

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