Silencer Review: Rebel Silencers SOS – Hunter

My various screeds here and on my weekly podcast should erase any doubt on where I stand on the Hearing Protection Act. Specifically, what its passage will do to the current stock of available silencers (decimate it), and what the surge in demand will do to prices (lower them, slightly). Ever the contrarian bunch, our […]

Powder Review: Alliant RL-16

When I first dipped a toe in the reloading pond, I started by concentrating solely on rifles, specifically bolt guns. At this point, I see no reason to stray as I don’t shoot the volume to justify a handgun or shotgun loading habit, and my accuracy in both categories certainly hasn’t exceeded the capabilities of […]

Gear Review: Blue Force Gear Admin Dapper Pouch

My anecdotal research of the gun industry indicates that a significant portion of the consumer population purchases guns, gear and accessories with thoughts of a protracted firefight in mind. The struggle that I — and I hope others — have is that this very functional gear either looks tactically ridiculous or is so “gun” focused […]

Gear Review: Apex Tactical M&P Barrel

Years ago, I shot an M&P9 with an Apex trigger and fell in love. As I detailed in our “What I Carry” series, it was a long strange trip to get to my EDC gun, but I eventually ended up right back where I started – with a full-size M&P9. While it’s a proven, solid, reliable platform, […]

Gun Review: Bergara B-14 Woodsman Rifle

Much ink has been spilled by the modern gun writer about the sanitization and sterilization of today’s modern rifle. Blame the AR-15. Blame the kids. Blame the scapegoat of your choice. But as I sit here rediscovering recently-christened Nobel laureate Bob Dylan, I can’t help but quote the man – “the times they are a […]

Gear Review: SilencerCo Salvo Shotgun Silencer

SilencerCo introduced the Salvo 12 — the “world’s first shotgun silencer” — nearly two-and-a-half years ago. I’ve shot one a few times, but never had quality trigger time beyond a few pot shots on a flat range. Thanks to the team at Capitol Armory and a long-term loaner from Stoeger, I’ve been able to give a […]

Gear Review: RCBS Trim Mate Case Prep Center

Like hunting, reloading has shown me that the real work starts as soon as the shot breaks. Before a spent case can be reloaded, it must be cleaned, resized, and made ready to receive primer, powder, and projectile. As the name implies, the RCBS Case Prep Center certainly helps with some of that. Expect another […]

Gear Review: Seekins NOXs Hand Guard

The modern sporting rifle has transformed the way consumers purchase firearms. The marketing departments at Big Gun would prefer I say something like, “The modularity of the Modern Sporting Rifle allows the end user to customize their firearm to suit the ever changing needs facing them across a variety of threat vectors.” Or something. The easier way […]