Gun Review: Accuracy International AT

When I was 21, a friend threw me the keys to his Porsche 911 Turbo. As I sloppily exited the apex of a wonderfully banked turn on the country roads I grew up driving, I laid into the throttle. Hard. I heard the universe tearing at the seams behind me. Mashing the gas drew the cacophony closer. The turbo […]

Gear Review: BlackPoint Tactical Mini Wing Holster

BlackPoint Tactical’s Mini Wing is an inside-the-waistband (IWB), thoroughly adjustable, all black, mostly Kydex holster. If BlackPoint sounds familiar, that’s because companies like FNH USA and SIG SAUER have hired them to make rigs for many of their guns. So what makes the Mini Wing worth the $85 price tag . . .

Gear Review: Next Level Armament Charging Handle

I know what you’re thinking: a charging handle review? You can’t truth the handle! Yes. Yes I can. I’ve gotten to a place with my AR builds where subtle changes matter more. I’ve found a good barrel manufacturer, ammo I like shooting and furniture that’s ergonomically excellent. If I set out to build another gun tomorrow, the […]

Gear Review: Vortex Diamondback HP 3-12×42

Putting an optic atop your rifle of choice might just be as personal a decision as which caliber you decide to use. Ultimately, you’ll never reach consensus with your shooting buddies and before long, you’ll be East vs. West Berlin. At some point, you just buy a scope, plop it on your gun, and shoot around […]

Gun Review: An Afternoon with the War Sport Rifle Lineup

At last year’s Texas Firearms Festival, I stopped by the CMC Trigger booth to meet Will Harris from War Sport Industries. I did this because my good friend Richard King said I needed (emphasis his) to do it. Will was expecting me because Richard sent him a message too. Besides being War Sport’s photographer of record, Richard is […]

Gear Review: AMSEC Defense Vault

Several weeks ago, my best friend and his wife had their first child. She’s an adorable little girl, but she presents a bit of a problem. As someone without children of my own, I don’t really know at what age they become sentient. Therefore, I assume that all children will be looking for guns under […]