Guidance: The Case for a .223 Trainer

Recently, I had the opportunity to review a Trainer Rifle chambered in .223 REM from the fine folks at Accurate Ordnance. It was an outstanding rifle, and unlike some rifles I drop off at UPS, I was very sad to see it head back home to one of AO’s owners, Mark Kuczka.

Guidance: Low Carb Chicken Tetrazzini Recipe

Long ago, in a galaxy far away, I graduated from high school as a gaunt 155 lb. teenager. Fast forward a decade or so, and Christmas 2017 had me tipping the scales at a portly 207 pounds thanks to a steady diet of fried chicken, dark beer, cheeseburgers, and lifting a bit. ***note to self […]

Guidance: Getting back to Fit

Above, you’ll see your humble author in one of the last races of my collegiate career. I’m fairly confident that this was the 400 meter hurdles, but it was nearly a decade ago and certain details have started to soften around the edges. Several months later, I tore my ACL which closed the book on […]

Guidance: My Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Many years ago, a coworker dropped an overstuffed egg carton on my desk. It was spilling over with eggs bigger than I’d ever seen. “Ducks!”, he declared. And that started my love affair with using duck eggs in baking. The yolk has more fat (yaaaas), and the whites have more protein (unnnggghhh). This makes for […]

Guidance: HomeBrew Case Lube

As it goes in life, sometimes, things need a bit of lube. Resizing brass is certainly no exception to the rule, and anyone who’s been reloading for any period of time has a sizing die somewhere on the bench with a case nearly welded to the inside and a bin full of shoulder dented cases.

Class Review: ATX Precision Precision Rifle 1

Seemingly overnight, I lost my enthusiasm for most of the new rifles and pistols coming my way for review. Oh sure, an odd straight pull rifle, or a specific handgun might pique my interest, but broadly speaking, I don’t yearn for much these days. A major contributing factor in that was what I saw as […]

Load Development for the Mossberg MVP .308 WIN

Last April, I posted a review of Mossberg’s MVP-LRT, a sixteen inch barreled, bolt action, magazine fed “tactical” rifle. It had just about everything going for it to meet 90% of my rifle needs. Chambered in a robust enough short action cartridge, it could feed from a twenty-round magazine, and with its barely legal sixteen-inch threaded barrel, it […]

Opening Morning Bucks Make for Thanksgiving Consommé

Not satisfied to just make more jerky and ground venison year after year, I decided last year to do a little more with my deer. This included new cooking methods, dishes, and a further expansion of my definition of ‘edible’. For years, like thousands of other hunters, I threw away my deer bones. Rather, my processor […]