News: MPA Incorporates WTO SwitchLug into BA Rifles

Hot off the presses this morning is news that MasterPiece Arms is introducing a new rifle called the MPA 65BA-SL. The new 65BA-SL seems to be built the same as the standard 65BA, a rifle that my friend Jon fawned all over last year. He consistently got sub 3/8 MOA groups out of that rifle, […]

Live Chat with Q’s Team on Instagram Live

Kevin Brittingham’s newest venture, Q, has garnered quite a bit of interest in the firearms industry as they’ve introduced a series of new products for 2017 including silencers, a revised Honey Badger, and the flyweight bolt action rifle pictured above. Preorders for that rifle, The Fix, start tomorrow. As part of that effort, the team […]

Bergara Introduces B14 HMR

I first got the opportunity to put hands on Bergara’s rifles at the 2016 SHOT show in Las Vegas. I came away impressed with the level of fit and finish, but withheld a final verdict until I finally got to put one through its paces at TTAG’s super secret squirrel testing facility. The LRP Elite I tested turned […]

SilencerCo Lays Off Texas-Based SWR Team

I just got off the phone with a (now) former employee of SWR, SilencerCo’s Research Division, who was let go the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. I’d called him because I still have the SWR Radius on hand from my review and need to return it. He interrupted me to let me know that he wouldn’t know what to […]