Gear Review: Seekins SP3R V3 Handguard

Saturated doesn’t begin to describe the world of AR-15 accessories. Within the hand guard market alone, there are hundreds, if not thousands of options available to the consumer. We’ve tried to review as many of them as we can, but at some point, it all starts to look the same. Free float? Check. Full-length Picatinny rail […]

Gear Review: CMMG PDW .22 LR (9″ Upper)

As I was finishing up my review of the CMMG .300 BLK PDW I realized that I really needed to stop being cheap and give the federal government $200 for the privilege of registering a short barreled lower with the ATF. The minute I slammed the AMEX and hit submit, I found a whole new world […]

Gun Review: Stoeger M3000 R Rifle Slug

As a born and bred Texan, I am unfamiliar with places in this fine country devoid of hills, trees, and obstructions. West Texas is about as close as we get, and even Lubbock has some bumps in the ground. Our readers who live in what politicians and media types deem flyover country — specifically the […]

Gear Review: Capitol Armory Engraving

Nick’s article about Form 1 SBR engraving engendered, shall we say, a spirited discussion when it came out. Odd timing, that article, as I’d recently returned from Capitol Armory with a freshly engraved SBR lower for my firearms trust. Imagine a drive thru, but for engraving . . .

Gear Review: Trijicon HD Night Sights

Our maximum leader and chief content creator often says that criminals are nocturnal animals. As such, any gun designed for usage in defense of self or home needs the ability to be aimed in the dark. During the daylight hours, said sights need to be crisp and easy to acquire as well. Triiicon HD Night Sights […]

Gear Review: Odin Works Adjustable Gas Block

I read a lot of chatter on the internet that the majority of modern AR-15 models are overgassed to an extreme degree. I’m not a machinist or a gunsmith, so my experience is mostly seat-of-the-pants on the topic. What I can tell you is that I can’t remember the last time I shot a factory […]