My name is Tyler Kee. I am a failed engineering student by circumstance, a technical seller by day, and a writer by passion. I’m also a husband, father, and friend.

The first recognition I ever received for a published work was a third place medal for a story I wrote in my high school’s newspaper about two families that had fielded a starting son on every football team from sometime in the 1960’s until 2005.

The most important award I ever received for a published work came in January 2009 when a young lady left the following comment on a satirical solicitation for a space heater I’d published to Facebook.

“HAHAHAHAH I know we’ve only met once, but I just read this aloud to my roommates and it gave us a really good, really long laugh. Thank you very much, Tyler.”

That fall, that young lady and I went on our first date, and three years later, she became my wife.

I’ve been addicted to writing for as long as I can remember, and I still can’t find the words to explain why. I keep doing it, and I keep reaping the rewards.

Above all else, I want to be thoughtful about what I write. While I’ve done some work on BREAKING NEWS(!!!) and I have a demonstrated capability around SHOT Show coverage, the three things I get really excited about are the following.

Gear – I got my start in the gun industry objectively reviewing guns and gear, and it’s still one of my favorite things to spend time doing.

Guidance – Along the way, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn some helpful things from some great people. I’ve done my best to write those things down in a concise, easy to digest way.

The Why – The Gear and Guidance always support my favorite topic – The Why. These are the emotionally charged pieces that provide the spark and leave me exhausted. Hunting, the wild, family, and my own growth and development are frequent topics. These are the pieces I write the least and am most proud of.

You can reach me in the following ways.