Gear Review: 2A Stick Up! Holster


My review of the 2A Pancake Holster reinforced the fact that our readers are a picky bunch. Some called that rig too big. Others said it was just too ugly, even to cover with a garment. I didn’t really care since it did a great job of concealing my firearm. But boy, oh boy did it create some visceral hatred in a few of our commenters. With that in mind, I’m actually excited to see what the future holds for the other major offering from 2A Holsters, the Stick Up! holster pictured above . . .


The Stick Up! is a Kydex shell, adjustable for retention, that sports three very large, adhesive-backed suction cups. It’s designed to safely stick your holstered firearm to damn near anything you feel needs a firearm stuck to it. The Stick Up! suction cups are reversible so if you need to get creative with mounting your gun somewhere, you can. And, if you gum up the adhesive on the suction cup attachment, 2A ships an additional set of cups so you can try again.

Obviously, this sort of carry is going to wrinkle some pantaloons among the, “on your body or in your safe” crowd. I get it. But not everybody counts themselves a member of that club. Some folks — especially those without rugrats roaming the house — want to keep a pistol stashed somewhere, but don’t want to drill holes in the attachment point. Then there are those who have to have their EDC close by at all times. Like in the shower.


Why yes, the Stick Up! does a fantastic job for shower carry. Be sure to tell your significant other that you’ve stuck a gun to the wall, though. I speak from experience here.

Like the Standard Bearer from 2A, the Stick Up! seems to be equally well constructed and made of thick, durable Kydex. Like the SB, the SU! features a thumbscrew retention system to custom tune retention for your specific firearm of choice.

I found the draw from the Stick Up! a touch awkward unless the holster was aligned parallel with my wrist. For example, in the shower carry scenario above, I had to turn my body to get a good angle to pull the gun from the holster. If you elect to make the Stick Up! part of your holster family, be sure to practice the draw from several positions to see if it will actually work for you.

A note on the suction cups: the lip of each cup is covered is a very sticky adhesive. I stuck it to some things for testing and pictures, but quickly removed it. Naturally, I can’t say for certain that long term usage won’t discolor of otherwise mar a reactive finish like wood or plastic. Glass and ceramic should be fine, but if you elect to stick it to something for the long haul, you might have a bit of a goopy mess on your hands should you decide to remove it. To my knowledge, non-adhesive suction cups are not available from 2A.


Specifications: 2A Holster Stick Up! Holster

Available pistols: Most common defensive firearms. If yours isn’t listed, use the contact form to get a custom one ordered.
Color: Many
Side: Right or left
Lining: Optional velvet lining (not tested)
Weapons light compatible: Yes
Material: Kydex
Retention: Friction with adjustable thumbscrew
MSRP: $59.99


Rating (out of five stars):

Overall Rating * * * * *
This is a fine holster in that it protects the trigger from being activated, fits the gun, and doesn’t let my pistol slide free unless I want it to. I realize that this sort of carry option isn’t for everyone. But, if you’re looking for a holster to hold your gun nearby while not normally in its duty holster, or a way to stash a pistol somewhere out of the way without permanently modifying the thing the holster is attached to, the Stick Up! is a unique item that fill the bill.


  1. Bilbo Fredericks


  2. jwm

    First of all, Tyler, the internet is like alcohol, it brings out the real person. A lot of folks are just born as#holes. Ignore them. I’m of course referring to the over the top hatred remarks from last time.

    Second of all. If you really need a shower gun, I mean really need it. It may be past time to re-evaluate your lifestyle. Now if you clerk in a liquor store being able to stick a weapon to the underside of the counter might be a life saver.

    1. tom

      Yep! In fact, the maker of the Suction Cups, Mr.Orban of FrogsFeet says that they in fact hold their strongest in a vertical/inverted posture: Like you mention, under a counter. Frogsfeet are superb ( You can find those suction-cups on Amazon as well.

      The photos are there on my Website in plain view of it stuck to many surfaces.
      There is also two video’s on the same page associated with the Stick-Up!

      The Cups will become fouled from moving the piece from here to there and so on, and they are very cleanable. I include extras just in case. And include extra hardware for different mounting ideas, such as spacers to mount it further away from a surface, or to skew it so that one end, such as the butt of the weapon is further out than the barrel end, etc. Also thorough instructions are included.

      Car interiors vary in their finish-smoothness. But all I’ve tried have worked. Residue left from dirt that may get trapped on the surface or the cup can be removed with alcohol. in fact I wash mine at the sink with soap and water and use Alcohol if they become especially dirty.

      Thanks for the review there Tyler! Great Job as usual!


      1. Jeff the Griz

        Are you adding additional handguns? I am interested in one of these for my judge public defender in the car.

        1. tom

          Yessir. I do so randomly, and upon request. Thanks for asking!

  3. Tom in Oregon

    At least you didn’t show us pics of you in the shower…

    Wonder how that would work on textured surfaces like center consoles in a car? Say, between the drivers seat and the console?

    1. Tyler Kee

      The adhesive is super strong. I think it’d work fine on textured surfaces.

    2. Jake

      I had the same question, so I went to the website linked in the article. There is a photo of it attached to a vehicular mount, so I’m assuming yes.

      1. Antonia Martin

        Yes it does work well in a car interior. I’ve had one in mine for some time. I like it because it is easy to access if needed. Also I don’t plan on getting rid of my new Subaru for sometime so as the instructions said you can always mount it permanently with screws. Had my husband use some wood screws to mount it to my console.

    3. Geoff PR

      I’m grateful it wasn’t a pic of Ralph in the shower…


  4. The mere fact of a gun being stuck against a flat surface like that…getting your fingers behind it for a draw could get tricky. Maybe if it were turned the other way…?

    1. Drew

      There are spacers included that allow you to move the pistol out from the surface or angle the butt of the gun out.

  5. Chadwick P.

    Not for everyone but surely a cool idea.

  6. Jake

    Shower? Nice.

    But does it work in a vehicular?

    1. defensor fortisimo

      Go to the site and the first picture they have displayed is an m&p stuck to a center console

      1. Jake

        You are correct! Nice color tan, too!

  7. Ralph

    And it’s perfect for on-body carry by nudists! 🙂

    1. defensor fortismo

      maybe for appendix

      1. Another Robert

        If the adhesive is as strong as Tyler says, might make for an impromptu appendectomy…

    2. Rick K

      Sadly I don’t have a large enough flat surface on my body. At least not in a place that would allow for an easy draw of my gun.

      1. Accur81


      2. defensor fortismo

        The buttocks are nature’s holster. And yes, that is what she said.

    3. Alan W. Rose

      Most people have grooves for that. Others have flaps.

  8. Jus Bill

    For the record, I’m excited about the 2A Holster Stick Up! Holster. We can get one for Cuomo, DiBlasio, Christie, Patrick, O’Malley so they can stick it up…

    …Never mind – I misread that.

    1. jwm

      good one. 🙂

  9. Uncle Fester

    1) how does it perform in a toilet carry scenario?

    2) is it available in colors to match the wallpaper?

    1. jsallison

      If you’re carrying around a toilet you might want to re-evaluate your lifestyle choices…

    2. Jeff the Griz

      Answer for both questions… it comes in chocolate brown!

  10. JWTaylor

    Good car carry solutions are rare. Good find. I’ll be a customer. JWT

  11. Defens

    The bulkiness factor that made it such a non-starter for concealed carry, improves its chances for usefulness in car carry. For example, if you get T-boned in a crash and need to replace a door or fender, there’s enough plastic there to do the job.

  12. Accur81

    My shower carry consists of locking the bathroom door and putting my Glock, in holster, next to the toilet.

  13. Paul

    “Why yes, the Stick Up! does a fantastic job for shower carry. Be sure to tell your significant other that you’ve stuck a gun to the wall, though. I speak from experience here.”

    Tyler: You’re the wind beneath my wings with that sentence. Fantastic way to start my new year.

    1. Tyler Kee

      If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard, “Seriously babe? I can count at least three guns in plain sight. C’mon!”

  14. Sian

    I’d say this is a holster for suckers.

  15. 357M28

    No disrespect to Tom@2A, but I read the other review as mentioned above. Some of the replies/comments was the funniest shit, I have ever read here on TTAG. I felt the comments were done in good spirits and not hate. I wonder what Les Stroud/Survivor Man would do with one of them. 🙂

    1. Drew

      He would pocket the suction cups fashion a trap out of the kydex and use the recoil spring to improvise a fishing hook.

  16. Alan W. Rose

    I want to like this but until I can get my GPS to stop falling off the windshield….

    On another note, can you get these in toy dart gun size? Those things never work!

  17. Russ Bixby

    While I can appreciate the utility of this thing, I find it to be just plain weird.

    Also, um, “… gum up the adhesive on the suction cup attachment …” ‘Daphuque…?

  18. Greg

    I tested this holster for the maker and did a write up on Amazon with pics of spots I mounted it.
    Mounts fine in vehicles and in cabinets without damage to paint or stain.

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