Gear Review: Altamont Company 1911 Grips

I have a huge crush on my 1911. The only problem: it’s not mine. “My” gun actually belongs to my father but it’s kind of been in my possession for the last two years. And now thanks to TTAG, I’m amassing a bit of a firearms collection of my own. As a result, my father’s wondering just what happened to his gun. So I faced the inevitable and decided to return it after it got some R&R in an ultrasonic bath and a proper once-over from my favorite gunsmith. I don’t know about you, but my parents always taught me to return something in better shape than I got it . . .

And while tritium sights and Wilson Combat doodads seemed like the right direction, I realized that like all classics, some things just look better in stock form. I wanted to change something, but I didn’t want it to fundamentally alter the feel of the gun. I had a real problem on my hands until Nick hooked me up with Chester at Altamont Company. Chester and Nick met up on the internet somewhere and Chester offered Nick a couple of grip sets for a 1911. But Chester sent Nick full-size grips and Nick has an Officer-size Wilson. Bummer.

So I got my pick of new grips to throw on the my father’s old gun to spruce it up. Normally, I’d go on and on with a litany of nits that need picking, but in this case the product is too simple, and Altamont has done an excellent job of crafting these things. Everything appears to be made of high quality materials with excellent attention to detail.

Fitment was absolutely perfect and installation was a breeze. The best part? They aren’t that expensive. I expected semi “custom” grips to be in the neighborhood of $80 to $100. The most expensive set you’ll see here is $50. Gaze at these pictures and then put in an order for the grips you want. You will not be disappointed.

Finger Grooves – $48

Snakeskin – $50

Black Leather – $40

Brown Leather w/ Colt Logo – $50

Colt Serpentine Pattern D – $35

The best part of returning my father’s gun was his reaction when I opened the case and he saw those beautiful Rosewood grips. He audibly gasped and started tracing his fingers over the checkering. He told me it looked perfect and thanked me for taking such good care of his baby. And then he asked about a small ding in the bluing. Looks like I might have more work to do….


  1. RKflorida

    I’m impressed with the Altamont company grips. Yours look wonderful. The prices are great. My favorite is the Colt Serpentine pattern D. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Wade

    I think I might have a crush on your 1911 too, Tyler. How old is it? what series?

    1. Tyler Kee

      My father purchased it new around 1983 and it is a Series 70.

  3. Iron Golem

    Altamont Co. grips are a great value – and they have plenty of options. I have a walnut set with a sort of ‘fish-scale’ pattern that matches the one-way cocking serrations on my Kimber Stainless Raptor and provides a great, positive-feel grip with no slip. These are quality grips ready for combat as well as show and like Mr.s Kee and Leghorn I recommend them highly – though I have no experience with the leather or exotic-materials grips as they are apparently new products.

  4. screwtech02

    Awesome article!! This place is about 5 miles south of were I live!

  5. I picked up a set of plain bonded ivory for my OACP at a gun show this spring. They are superb.

  6. Ralph

    my parents always taught me to return something in better shape than I got it . . .

    My ex-wives lawyers said the same thing.

  7. bontai Joe

    The reasonable price surprised me also. So which ones did you put on your dad’s gun?

    1. Tyler Kee

      The rosewood ones in the first picture.

  8. jkp

    I also have a crush on 1911s.

    Unfortunately, between unreliability of my EMP, and the fact that my Colt required modifications to work with me right out of the box, the feelings were not returned.

    I traded my last one in for TWO Glocks. Maybe someday I will return to the 1911 club, but not now.

    Grips look nice, though!

  9. Ron Wasilewski

    Just to let you know that I purchased a set of Altamont grips for my Ruger MarkII and am so delighted. The fit was great and the service was really good. Thanks will order again

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  11. ordered 1911 colt hand grips they are to small I have full size how can we fix this quickly tracking NO. 9400 1108 9923 6475 3520 04

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