Gear Review: ODIN Works Gas Block


For those building their own AR or going from a standard hand guard to a free floated one, you’ll need a gas block. They’re seemingly a dime a dozen, but having one that doesn’t work or is too heavy can ruin your day. Awhile back, I tested out the ODIN Works hand guard. Included in the box of goodies from ODIN Works was their low profile gas block . . .

In my mind, a gas block has to do three things. First, it needs to actually fit (duh). Second, it needs to ensure reliable function. And third, it needs to be appropriately light. In all categories, I believe the ODIN gas block succeeds. It fit without issue and included the necessary roll pin and hardware to make it work. You supply a gas tube and you’re off to the races.

Function wise, as long as the gun keeps running, everything is good. And as I’d hoped, no matter what type of ammo I used, my gun continued to be 100% reliable.


From a weight perspective, the ODIN block is good enough. This is not the lightest block on the market, but 2 oz. is nothing to sneeze at. This replaced another 2 oz. block so I found that it didn’t change the balance of my gun whatsoever.

Finally, a note on looks. In most cases, your gas block is located under the free floated hand guard of your choice. But if you run a shorter hand guard, your gas block might peek out ever so slightly. And if so, you’ll be glad you picked the ODIN block. It looks nice with a slightly angular profile, but still keeps out of the way under a free floated hand guard.

Specifications: ODIN Works Low Profile Gas Block

  • Includes cross pin and set screws.
  • Nitride finish.
  • Made from Carbon Steel.
  • Advertised Weight: 1.95 oz (includes screws and pin).
  • Actual Weight: 2.00 oz (including screws and pin)
  • Internal Diameter 0.7505-0.751 inch
  • Price: $35.00

Ratings (out of five stars):

Fit, Finish, Function * * * * *
This fit perfectly. It wasn’t too loose. It wasn’t too tight. I managed to get the block fairly hot with some rapid strings of fire, and the finish didn’t alter a bit. And like I’d expected, reliability was 100%.

Looks * * * * *
I think it looks swell and while this isn’t the most “seen” part on your AR 15, it can’t hurt

Overall Rating * * * * *
For $35, this is right on the money for the budget minded looking for a functional, cool looking gas block. I found the ODIN block to fit well and be totally functional. If you’re looking for a middle of the road weight gas block that won’t break the bank, I highly recommend the ODIN LoPro Gas Block.


  1. david

    Tyler, how can I get you some SLR rifleworks stuff to do a review? Where do I send it?

    1. chuck (hates nj)

      Can’t wait to get my barrel back from the gunsmith so I can put my 13″ solo lite on. But first impressions it’s extremely light, looks and feels good in the hand and the proprietary barrel nut is nice. In short very nice product and I think it was well worth the money.

  2. Jon in CO

    Odin Works makes GREAT stuff. I’ve used their mid length sport rail and have on order their 15.5″ key mod.

  3. In general, I prefer steel gas blocks – they seem to hold their screw tension better as the aluminum ones expand at a much greater rate than the barrel when they get hot and seem to lose their clamping force. My experience is that the aluminum ones are fine for one use but if I have to re-use them, I drill out and heli-coil them for larger stainless set screws (I actually do that from the get-go now on the aluminum blocks I have).

    Never had a problem with a steel block staying tight through multiple mounts and dismounts.

  4. MarcusAurelius

    What’s wrong with cutting down the normal front sight post/gas block? Is there an Issue with doing this?

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