Gun Review: Bergara HMR

Four years ago the Ruger Precision Rifle hit the scene and set in motion a series of events worthy of a separate treatise. There were many compelling things about that rifle, but the most important was the price tag – $999.99.

What the RPR also had was a lot of compromise. If you got a good barrel, you might only have to spend a couple hundred bucks fixing the round forend and the flimsy butt stock. If your barrel was a loser, it could go back to Ruger, or you could drop the $350 – $600 necessary to end that problem for good – and still pay the couple hundred to make the rifle solid.

What the shooting world needed was something like a custom barreled action dropped in something like a McMillan A5 that cost something like $1000 and needed no other work – Bergara thinks you should consider their HMR.

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