Hunting Season Starts Tomorrow!

For years, I hunted at my ranch by driving around in my truck, waiting for a deer to stand still and then taking it down. And the trophies that adorn my wall attest to the success I had using that method. But time marches on and eventually a wet-behind-the-ears gun writer comes to Texas for his first-time hunt, and you have to show him how everyone else hunts. And then you fall in love with sitting and waiting for things to happen in the woods . . .

As you can see, I’m currently getting in touch with the wilderness by wearing camo and writing content for TTAG. For those that don’t know, tomorrow is opening day for whitetail season in my neck of the woods. I’ll be out there tomorrow morning bright and early with dreams of venison-packed freezers dancing in my head. Nick will be coming along for the fun for a second year (he’s a lot less wet behind the ears now). Keep checking this space for updates as the weekend progresses.


  1. Mike S

    Give ’em hell! (And let me say I am jealous. I don’t get to start hunting whitetail ’till the monday after Thanksgiving.)

  2. irock350

    Awesome cut-off jorts. Btw that has to be hot as hell.

    1. Ing

      Heh. Jorts. Something about that word just sounds…off. (I said it to myself 5 times fast just now and it sounded so funny I almost jorted all over my keyboard.)

      I say we all lobby our local congressional representatives to introduce jort reform legislation.

  3. 16V

    Sitting under a tree updating your Facebook and Twitter is not hunting….

  4. ensitu

    Elk Season here, believe me elk tastes much better than TX deer. I’ll be sitting in my barn, hidden amongst the bales of alpha hay waiting for a 7 pointer to wander in for his breakfast

  5. Swarf

    Rabbit season!

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