Live Chat with Q’s Team on Instagram Live

Kevin Brittingham’s newest venture, Q, has garnered quite a bit of interest in the firearms industry as they’ve introduced a series of new products for 2017 including silencers, a revised Honey Badger, and the flyweight bolt action rifle pictured above. Preorders for that rifle, The Fix, start tomorrow. As part of that effort, the team from Q will be hosting a live Q&A on Instagram at 6:00 PM EST today. Open up the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device at the appointed time, head over to their Instagram page, and get your questions in.


  1. MLee

    Silencers? Is that like a clip thingy?

    1. Ed

      Seriously. …this site needs more writers with a real clue. The shoddy writing from the poorly firearm educated just sucks.

    2. LGSstudent

      It is called a silencer on a form 4 or any other nfa paperwork, and was called a silencer by Maxim when he invented it. Don’t be a jackass, especially when you are wrong

      1. Ed

        Yeah, we know the ATF is never wrong….and I don’t give a shite what Maxim called it. Yet, every time the “other” side calls it a silencer we POTG say “NO! That’s not what it is! That’s not what it does!” Good grief people…..

        1. Jeremy S.

          No, we don’t. It’s correctly called a silencer, suppressor, firearm muffler. You can inform people that it doesn’t make a gunshot silent without having to incorrectly “correct” the use of the correct term, “silencer.” More than one term can be correct simultaneously.

          May as well argue “gas pedal” vs “throttle” vs “accelerator” or “shift lever” vs “shifter” vs “gear selector” vs “stick shift.” Like, move on with life. Lighten up, Francis. Etc.

          Btw as an alleged pedantic POTG, you should realize the ATF has nothing to do with it. They didn’t create the NFA or the definitions therein.

  2. Sammy

    Rational Adults don’t instagram nor facebook

    1. Gabe

      I’m with ya, don’t use the social media stuff but I want to know what is talked about. I want to know if they are going to fix their bolt drop issue when the bolt is back. I plan to get this rifle but need different barrel options and that bolt issue fixed. I’ll bet these things are talked about too, wish I could hear it.

      1. Tyler Kee

        They demo’d the rifle. No bolt drop issue. They also talked about barrel options.

      2. Tyler Kee

        I realized upon reflection that my answer was deliciously light on details.

        -I want to know if they are going to fix their bolt drop issue when the bolt is back.

        The bolt drop at rear thing seems to stem from this quote right?

        “It felt so light, almost like a toy. The bolt design, while fascinating, seems very fragile. The bolt handle can be dropped while at the rear, its only 20 degrees, and in rapid bolt manipulation, you can drop the bolt before it goes into battery. I thought I had broken it. It felt jammed, But you just lift the bolt back up and it works.”

        At the time I went to GA to shoot them, Q had 4 prototypes. I shot three of them, and none exhibited this issue for me or any of the much better shooters on hand. Tonight on the livestream, the lead engineer specifically addressed that by pressing down on the bolt handle while riding the bolt home. No such issues presented.

        -I plan to get this rifle but need different barrel options

        At release, The Fix is going to ship in either a 16″ .308 WIN or a 20″ 6.5 Creedmoor using Bartlein barrels. Should you want something different, Jered Joplin of APA will be the first gunsmith they’re working with on custom barrels. You can call him up and get whatever you want.

        I shot the .308 and 6.5 and both are hammers. Better shooters than me turned in sub 1/2 MOA groups at 100 yards. I shot right at 3/4 MOA (ish) with factory ammo. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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