News: MPA Incorporates WTO SwitchLug into BA Rifles

Hot off the presses this morning is news that MasterPiece Arms is introducing a new rifle called the MPA 65BA-SL. The new 65BA-SL seems to be built the same as the standard 65BA, a rifle that my friend Jon fawned all over last year. He consistently got sub 3/8 MOA groups out of that rifle, not surprising given the quality of components and the price tag.

The SL addition to the line denotes the fact that MasterPiece has incorporated the SwitchLug from West Texas Ordnance to turn this tack driving rifle into a switch barrel rifle.

I first saw the SwitchLug at SHOT Show this year and I was floored by the concept. I’ve found that the idea of a switch barrel VERY intriguing, but my options to this point were limited to an AI (too expensive/heavy), a Savage (too clumsy to change barrels), or a Fix (not a chassis fan).

After seeing the SwitchLug in person I was sold. I immediately started saving up pennies to hand over to my gunsmith for a SwitchLug equipped rifle in a McMillan Adjustable Game Warden.

Seeing MPA’s new offering hasn’t swayed me from my original plans, and not just because of the eye melting blue color they chose for their press release. I still haven’t taken a liking to a chassis, but it does give me great hope to see a semi-custom builder incorporating the SwitchLug into their product line. Hopefully, more will follow.

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