Gear Preview: Burris Eliminator

  When I first started submitting content for TTAG, RF told me that if I fed the site’s insatiable maw on a regular basis, I would start getting gear to review. I told my friends at work and we all had a good laugh. But here I sit with my first piece of gear. RF […]

Hunting at Maximum Point Blank Range (MPBR)

My story on shot placement seems to have stirred up a bit of thought provoking conversation about where a speedy bullet should go. Those opposed to my stance on neck shots cite the fact that the head and neck are constantly in motion vs. the mostly stationary chest cavity. I’ll certainly agree that the chest […]

Hunting: On Shot Placement [NSFNH]

[Post-jump images Not Safe for Non-Hunters] As long has I have been hunting, “experts” have been telling me to shoot whitetail deer by aiming for the large area behind the shoulder. A shoulder shot won’t to ruin the hide and the deer’s heart and lungs occupy a relatively large, easy to hit area. If you’re a […]

Gear Review: Leupold Rifleman 4-12x40mm Rifle Scope

For me, Leupold has always been the gold standard for riflescopes. I’ve never shot at any distance or with such precision that I needed adjustable parallax, BDC reticles, or anything that has “mil” in the name. Find me a nice piece of glass with good clarity and adjustable zoom and I’m good to go. Leupold […]