Personal Defense Tip: Think Fast on Your Feet

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Sometimes, you gotta use what you have at hand. In this case, a tape dispenser. As the attempted robbery in this video took place in Scotland, the clerk being armed with anything more intimidating than a roll of 3M’s finest wasn’t really an option. Not legally, anyway. So good on him for making do. And making it count.   [H/T to via]


  1. Peter

    Whats the matter with this guy, grabbing the knive like that?

    He definitely got lucky this time…

    1. Buuurr

      The guy was clearly clueless. The perp did not have any confidence at all from what I saw. The defender showed no backing down and smoked the dude in the face. It worked out.

      If it were me he would have gotten the money. No questions asked. Not worth the fight in my opinion.

      1. Not Too Eloquent

        Some guys have balls and some guys wear them on their ears Buuurr

      2. Not Too Eloquent

        Sometimes you gotta take you balls off your ears and use them Buurrr

        1. Peter

          Some guys have brains, these two individuals obviously don’t.

          1. Buuurr

            I agree, NTE. But dying for the guy who owns the store over 50$ is not when I hang ’em on my ears.

  2. Bob

    Never bring a knife to a scotch tape fight.

    1. counihan

      Thank God it wasn’t a roll of olive drab Assault Duct Tape with a shoulder thingy that goes up and high capacity roll.

      1. virtualjohn

        Really good. You made me laugh out loud. I think it’s your comedic timing, counihan.

  3. Joe C.

    Your best weapon is your brain.

  4. Leftshooter

    By the looks of it, it could have gone very poorly for the clerk before it ultimately went better for him. Still, I’m glad he “stuck” to his efforts and “wrapped” it all up while “dispensing” some justice. Kinda brings a new meaning to the phrase “stick up,” doesn’t it?

    1. virtualjohn

      Yeah, I think you pretty much wrapped it up, Lefty.

  5. Henry Bowman

    As Dr. Piazza likes to say, “Any weapon will do if you will do.”

  6. bontai Joe

    Scotch tape dispenser vs. knife????……… and tape dispenser wins? The clerk is luck that the bad guy was a first class wimp.

  7. Accur81

    I’d conceal tape, but I don’t have a permit for it.

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