Seekins Precision Now Making a 6.5 Creedmoor Gas Gun


Those who have spent more than ten minutes talking shop with me will know that I’m a certified 6.5 Creedmoor fanboy. Like Leghorn and his beloved .300 BLK, I’m smitten. The ballistics, the ability to the buck the wind, and the great factory support for match ammo have me convinced that the slick little 6.5 is the next best thing to sliced bread. Apparently Seekins believes in it too as they’ve introduced a 6.5 Creedmoor chambering for their SP 10 series of rifles . . .


A cursory look at the display rifle indicates that it checks all the boxes. They’ve sourced the butt stock (PRS), magazines, and grip from Magpul while the trigger is a single-stage CMC affair. The lower sports ambidextrous controls for the safety, bolt release, and magazine release. The rifle will be offered like Henry Ford’s Model T, any color you want as long as it’s black. My guy in the booth tells me that it will feature a sturdy 1:8 twist barrel and by my eye, it looks to be about twenty-two inches long. It will come from the factory with Seekins’ ATC brake that finished in the top 10 in Jeremy’s muzzle brake shootout.

0011320001 - SP10 - R Side Angled down 45

I’ve been asked to send over FFL info, so the stars seem to have aligned for me to get one to test and review. MSRP is slated at $2650.


  1. Defens

    Looks like a nice rifle – although from 10 feet away, pretty much any AR looks the same. Seekins is known for quality bits, but wonder why they decided to puke all over the gun with that ratty camo job? Looks like some of the Nigerian FN-FAL kits that came in a few years back with house paint camo jobs.

  2. Tex300BLK

    Sweet Jesus, that right there is a winner.

    Having looked in to building what I would consider a “quality” AR10, you might be able to scrimp on stuff here and there, but I would wager you wouldn’t come in very much under the 2300 or so street price that that this thing will be eventually selling for.

    Really eager to see how this thing shoots when you guys finally get your hands on it.

  3. Tom in Oregon

    I think I like my home build a bit better. I went with black hole weaponry barrel and aero precision matched upper and lower. I like customizing.

    1. Brandon

      I did an AR10 home build too. It was my first home build, and looking back I would change some things now, but I don’t regret my Black Hole Weaponry Barrel one bit. The Geissele SSA-E trigger in it is a peach too.

  4. Geoff PR

    Geeze, what’s next?

    An AR-.338 Lapua?

    1. GWHNick

      That was done years ago, check out the Noreen Bad News 338

    2. Paelorian

      I know of at least three of those on the market. Also a .300 Win Mag. As AR accuracy improves, semi-autos make more sense, but I still think of the .338LM ARs as more anti-materiel/HTI rifles, as getting a half MOA superior accuracy from a bolt gun makes sense when shooting at a mile and rapid fire is less important.

      But within 1000 yards, I won’t consider a manual action for most practical applications. Semi-autos are accurate enough to make hits as far as a cartridge like 7.62×51 or 6.5 Creedmoor is capable. I’m glad to see more rifle makers including 6.5 Creedmoor as a factory option (.260 Remington and 7mm-08 Remington would also be good options). If I were building myself and “AR-10” I’d buy myself a high-end barrel (the best available is probably Proof Research’s carbon fiber) in one of these chamberings. I wish such good barrels in other chamberings were available for rifles like the SCAR. I think the SCAR 17S is generally more reliable than 7.62×51 ARs, few ARs are as lightweight, and it’s generally as accurate as the best of them. Now, I feel the AR-15 has many advantages over the SCAR 16S, but the AR-15 has had decades of aftermarket support and refinement. Rifle-cartridge ARs have not, and they have limited aftermarket support and questionable reliability. If the “AR-10” was standardized and had the breadth of options available for it that the AR-15 has, it would be a no-brainer because it could be customized to offer superior performance to anything. But it’s still pretty rough around the edges.

      1. Partigiano

        I’m hoping Aero Precision’s M5 platform eventually becomes an industry standard.

  5. Tom Collins

    I want a left handed one!

  6. Mr. Woodcock

    I dig everything about the Seekins large caliber AR platform except that forearm….I hate it. Make it look like a Noveske NSR or BCM KMR and you have a winner.

  7. I own the 6.5 RPR and it is sweet, going to get my hands on this baby ASAP. I’m Hooked on 6.5 Creedmoor, need one for my night vision.

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