Tyler’s Tuesday Evening Podcast – November 29, 2016

On this week’s podcast, I discuss the finer points of Shiner beer as well as rolling my own reduced recoil .308 loads that can still be used for ethical hunting. I also discuss my preliminary testing on the Rugged Surge¬†suppressor and my opinions on BDC reticles. I’m picking up a loaner thermal optic this week to use out at the ranch for some nighttime pig hunting so expect an update next week.



  1. Chadwick

    Just a little fyi. I find that a 208gr hornady eld with 8.5gr of titegroup gets me a nice 308 sub round. Maybe not for hunting, but I don’t know honestly. They blow to pieces when hitting steel 200yrds away so there is still some energy there. I guess if you would hunt with a 45acp then maybe they will get you a similar result. Even if they aren’t useful, they are fun with a suppressor.

    1. LarryinTX

      Hey, a 220 g .308 sub is just a .300 blk fired from a different platform. Once out of the barrel, it will perform precisely the same. Making it operate the action reliably is the trick. And my .300 blk and .308 use the same suppressor! Life is *GOOD*!

      Pretty bullet!

  2. Tom in Oregon

    “Carnist”, “blood mouth”. I like it. I’ll gladly wear those adjectives. I’m in good company.

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