Tuesday Evening Podcast – November 8, 2016

This week on the podcast I’m joined by my wife to discuss Bob Dylan, hunting, shooting guns, and being nice. As always, leave your questions in the comments section so I can research them for next week.


  1. Geoff PR

    “This week on the podcast I’m joined by my wife to discuss Bob Dylan,…”


    (Just what is it with today’s kids, anyways?)

  2. Tom in Oregon

    Good stuff. Sharing a moment or having a kinship with the animals we may kill and consume is something I don’t think a lot of hunters “get”. Sounds like you and your wife “get” it.
    (Good choices in music too)

  3. Wilsontx

    Too bad about losing that $100.

  4. Jeremy S.

    “it’s remarkable that we’ve been together for 7 years and you could be so wrong about the intention of a facial expression” — Tyler’s wife to Tyler

    LOL. That’s pretty classic.

    I take some issue with your constitutional comments and your immediate suggestion, upon only just kicking off the podcast, that your wife is (or would obviously turn out to be) a better guest than me. Hahaha, bastard. I’m assigning you the next Hi-Point that comes in for review.

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