Tyler’s Tuesday Evening Podcast


I was finally able to get Jeremy’s schedule to line up with mine for an evening of drinking, chatting, and serious doses of pontificating. On this week’s podcast, we discussed myriad topics including ballerinas, the pros and cons of boxed wine, integrally suppressed pistols, and how we go about writing the things we write.

As always, if you have questions, drop them in the comments section and I’ll do my best to address them in the next podcast. And if you’re interested in Texas country music that references gin and Fresca, check out Max Stalling’s Fantasy Dinner.


  1. Ahhh! He says “vodka and Fresca” haha 😛

  2. John L.

    Sorry, guys, you’re losing me with the podcast thing, for two reasons.

    First, on the technical side, I’m on fairly limited bandwidth and one reason I frequent TTAG is so I can, you know, *read* rather than *watch*. Or rather, wait to watch.

    Second, on the personal side, I read considerably faster than most people talk, so listening a podcast can be rather, well, boring and / or painful, especially when I have to wait longer for it to load than text with still images.

    So, for what it’s worth, I’d suggest that if you’re going to do podcasts, at least include a transcript.

    1. Doug

      Second the motion.

  3. Sad88

    Any way to know how many people listen. From the comments it would seem interest is under whelming. Took me about 45 seconds to realize it’s a waste of time.

    1. Ralph

      Kudos. Your attention span is longer than any of us could have expected.

      1. Sad88

        Correct. I have no attention span for irrelevant crapola.

    2. Tyler Kee

      Usually around 200 people listen. Seeing pretty consistent growth week over week. Sorry that you feel that this week’s podcast is irrelevant crapola. Is there something you’d like for me to discuss next week? Perhaps that would be slightly less irrelevant?

  4. Wilsontx

    Jeremy slapped the bag.

    1. Jeremy S.

      Holy shit! I’m both shocked and delighted that someone made it through the whole show. I feel bad for derailing Tyler’s stated duration goal so horribly, so this is good news haha. Also, I’m still suspicious that this was a trick and he’s punking me with some slang phase I’m not familiar with that means something…uh…interesting.

      At any rate, congrats! We’ll email you shortly to get your mailing address for the awesome podcast prizes! Which muzzle device do you have your eye on?

      1. Wilsontx

        How ’bout the VooDoo Jet Comp? You stated you gave several away, so I don’t know what you have left.

        1. Jeremy S.

          I have the Jet Comp! Email forthcoming.

          …FYI I had given away and sold about 20 of them BEFORE that Instagram photo was taken. Everything in that pic is still here except for the Troy Proctor brake, which shipped to a “poor college student” who commented on the YouTube video yesterday 🙂

  5. ACP_arms

    Thanks, Tyler!

  6. Tom in Oregon

    Good stuff guys.
    And I second a couple of things. I used my havalon piranta on my bear this week. Only needed two blades. They are the bomb!
    And, I can’t imagine using the copper basin backpack to haul an animal. I use an old Alice pack for hauling one quarter at a time. Maybe I’m finally getting old… 😉

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